A healthy home is one that has high indoor environment quality (IEQ) while being resilient, durable and kind on the environment and community it occupies.

To build a healthy home requires a cooperative approach involving considered systems thinking, incorporating all the component people and parts that make up the whole system.

That includes you and your specific needs! This starts with firm foundations. An airtight house shaken off its foundations is no good for anyone. This is where the engineers contribute their mana. 

It’s all in here - The Healthy Home Design Guide...

Our Contribution to Your Healthy Home 

We would love to assist you to bring your healthy home dream to life by contributing in one or more of the following ways... 

Design Management 

Assisting you in putting together your dream design team. Advising you of who understands what is required to build a healthy home, whether that is a consultant or supplier. Happily educating those that you wish to involve, who would like to come on the journey. Working through the Healthy Home Design Matrix with you to ensure that all components are selected and covered. Working with you to manage the design process, to the degree that suits you. 

Geotechnical Engineering 

Carrying out or arranging the appropriate site assessment to determine your foundation design. Until we perfect skyhooks, the ground and the foundation are intertwined, much like a long-term relationship. When dark clouds rumble over the horizon or a sudden shake up happens, we don’t want our couple splitting or separating, now, do we? 

Structural Engineering

We do more than just provide the resilient fully insulated foundation for your healthy home. We make the whole structure stand strong (Kia kaha) and be resilient against the forces of nature. We do this with a full understanding of your drivers and ambitions for your new home. We ensure that thermal bridging is minimised by optimising the materials and locations of the structural elements required. We cooperate with the designer and builder to ensure that our mahi compliments the architecture and can be easily constructed by the builder.

Thermal Modelling

It is important to consider whether you have the right amount of insulation in the right locations. Whether there is sufficient heating, cooling and ventilation to ensure this is actually designed as Healthy Home. Whether your home is warm in winter and doesn’t overheat in summer. We will fully consider all aspects of internal environmental quality as part of the design process. We will look at comfort and hygiene (mould) risk. We can investigate different construction systems (floors, walls, windows, ventilation systems) to provide the optimum system for your requirements.

Construction Management

Working with you and your builder to manage the build process, to the degree that suits you, to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten.

Ongoing Monitoring

A requirement of building a Healthy Home is ongoing monitoring of the IEQ for at least 12 months to ensure that the design does what it says on the tin. This feedback loop is important to your design team too as it validates what they have done for you. We can source the monitoring equipment, set it up for you and check in with you to ensure everything is working as expected.

Celebrating Your Success

We will be with you at every step of the way to celebrate the milestones achieved to get you into your Healthy Home.

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Healthy Homes for all Kiwis. Housing is about people. People working together in cooperation to provide Healthy Homes for people to live in.
Damien McGill: Engineering Happy Healthy Homes for People & Planet