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Manchester Street, Super Reno

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Auckland 24th May 2021

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Stark Bros, Lyttelton

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Woodville Street, Christchurch

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NZSIP Smart70 Install Workshop Thursday 29th April - Sunday 2nd May 2021

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Rata Street Superhome

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A Tale of 2 Hemispheres
Webinar/Damien McGill

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A Super Renovation

WHY: We needed to complete the earthquake repairs to the cladding and parts of the first floor are directly fixed Insulclad on timber frame, which carries the "leaky home" stigma.

There was no point bringing this property up to the same standard as the new ones going up around us, as we'd be competing with them for tenants in the future. We needed to go further.

My bet is that the tenants of tomorrow will appreciate warmer, more airtight accommodation that costs less to heat than the homes lived in by their peers.

HOW: By turning a negative into a positive and recognising that the polystryrene provides continuous thermal bridge free insulation that in addition to the wall framing gives R values of 3.55. We needed to protect this white gold! As we were overcladding, this gave us the opportunity to replace the original aluminium double glazed windows installed when the home was built in 2003.

Our budget doesn't allow us to do the work all at once. We have a five-year plan.

1. Do the South elevation this year.

2. The North elevation next year.

3. The East and West elevations in year 3.

4. Install Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation in year 4.

5. Increase ceiling insulation where possible in year 5.

Ideally the building consented works needs to be completed within two years, but it is usually possible to be granted a 1-year extension.

We are also monitoring the internal Enviromental Quality before during and after the work taking place.

WHAT: The following steps were undertaken to execute the works.

Waterblast the existing plaster cladding.

Epoxy inject cracking to blockwork.

Wrap with Pro Clima Solitex Extasana Adhero adhesive membrane.

Fix 70 x 40mm structural castellated cavity battens with 180mm screws and screwbolts, making sure the holes through the membrane are airtight.

Remove existing windows and doors, fully tape from membrane to inside of Gib with Tescon Extoria flashing tape.
Install triple glazed, low-e, argon filled PVC windows with Contega Exo connection strips.

Add 30mm XPS over PVC flanges to reduce thermal bridging further. Install flashings and profiled metal cladding or remesh and plaster as appropriate. Paint and replace gutters, flashings and trims as necessary. Install revels, plaster and paint as necessary.

The intention is to model the building with PHPP to see whether it is feasible to make one unit achieve the Enerfit standard for renovations. With the limited knowledge I had when I started this project, I couldn't justify the modelling to all stakeholders. In hindsight, I may live to regret this!

Performance Architecture
Builder: Cornerstone Construction
Plasterer: GG Plastering and Painting
Cladding: Dimond Roofing
Windows: NK Windows
Flashings: Centrefold Flashings
Membranes: Pro Clima
IEQ Monitoring: Tether

It takes many people working in cooperation to build a healthy Reno!

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Date: 25th May 2021
Ponsonby Cruising Club, Auckland

Damien McGill, Superhome Roadshow

Bob Burnett, Superhome Roadshow

Katheren Leitner, Asthma New Zealand, Superhome Roadshow

Metro Glass Team, Superhome Roadshow

Nick Manarangi, Superhome Roadshow

Mike Standord, Superhome Roadshow

Panelists, Superhome Roadshow

Richard Holland, Superhome Roadshow

Brandon van Blerk, Superhome Roadshow

Q & A, Superhome Roadshow

Joseph Lyth, Superhome Roadshow

“The fundamental purpose of a building is to keep its occupants safe and healthy!
...If it’s not achieving this, it is not a good building”

This was a super popular event with over 100 people turning out to hear what actually makes a home healthy. A super engaged audience had plenty of questions during question time, and queued up to ask more at the conclusion of the event. It was super exciting to korero with the speakers and audience face to face.

Pretty much everyone stuck to their allocated time, except Brandon who raced through his slides once again! Particularly enjoyed listening to Nick and his journey to learning to understand what is a really healthy home.

On the back of the super sucess of this event, Pro Clima have offered to organise an event in July.
Watch this space for further details!


Great evening! Positive energy and some tough questions being asked. Now time for action 👍 how does one join the movement?

Well done all great to see and hear from a good range of people,
not just building science geeks.

What a fantastic event. Great speakers with a great message.
Let’s do it - let’s build truly healthy homes.

Damien McGill we really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the event last night and judging by the conversations Simon Cator and I had afterwards with various people, there could be a real ground swell of ‘super’ homes being built up this way soon which is very positive. A great event format, thanks for organising.

Thanks to the Superhome Team (Damien McGill and Bob Burnett) for the great event tonight here in Auckland championing real healthyhomes
. Thought provoking presentations by a diverse group of speakers including Richard Hollard, Nick Manarangi and Brandon van Blerk and of course our own Joseph Lyth on what makes a home healthy. If you missed this one I highly recommend following the Superhome movement ( and booking in for the next event. Looking forward to the Superhome tours in a couple of months!

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Stark Bros Transport Yard: Lyttleton

WHY: The stormwater and trade waste were dated and confused, being some 40 years old, with the resultant possible pollution of Lyttelton harbour.

HOW: It's not a Healthy Home, but we've managed to assist with improving the water quality in Lyttleton Harbour by helping this transport yard to separate their trade waste from their stormwater. It is Healthy for the Planet!

We've created a larger truck wash facility, that will discharge into a petrol/sediment interceptor and this along with the separately seriously treated trade waste, will be pumped into the Council sewer system for the very first time.

The stormwater from the two hardstanding areas is being treated by a Hydrosystem interceptor and pumped to the Council's stormwater system.

Both pumps will be alarmed and controlled so that any spills will not contaminate the stormwater system and get into the harbour.

OUTCOME: The Council were very happy with the upgrade that separates trade waste from stormwater and only discharges treated stormwater into the harbour. I'm very proud to be a small part of improving the water quality in Lyttleton Harbour.


Stark Bros Ltd.

Contractor: Gillon & Mahar Plumbing Ltd.

Council: Christchurch City Council

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NZSIP Smart70 Install Workshop
Thursday 29th April - Sunday 2nd May 202126 Tamatea St, Pahia, Riverton

PURPOSE: The purpose of this event hosted by NZSIP was to educate, inspire, and facilitate change...

The goal of the event from NZSip's point of view was to give builders the confidence and in-depth knowledge to install their product with ease. "To provide our clients key knowledge to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing their build method for their new home."

Held onsite in beautiful Southland we put up the shell of a SMART 70 unit including windows to lock up stage in three days. There were workshops and talks held as the build progressed.  

I graduated from engineer to tape boy – I'm now an expert in Pro Clima tape installation and presented the Healthy Home Design Guide to participants on behalf of the Superhome Movement.

One of the most enjoyable events I've ever had the pleasure to be involved in. Would love to do another one!

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Woodville Street, Christchurch

WHY: Margaret's loves her transitional villa. The rubble foundations were munted following the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010-2011. She simply wants it restored to look as good as its twin next door.

From my point of view, we need housing that is enough not to have to rely on insurance companies, as that DOESN'T WORK.

HOW: I've been working with Margaret since 2014 as she singlehandedly battled EQC. With single-minded super determination, this solo mother of two, now teenage boys, has now obtained building consent for a SuperReno unlike any we've seen in Christchurch to date.

However, we are not out of the woods, yet. We still have to get sign off from Earthquake Commission (EQC) or the ground improvement costs. They are being their usual difficult selves.

Margaret's tenacity, determination and fortitude to continue pushing for what is only right and equitable, is truly inspirational in the face of overwhelming Davina vGoliath odds, from a deny, delay, defend government organisation.

How she continues to forge her path to the goal of a healthy family home is an inspiration to me and part of my why for the Healthy Home Cooperation.

WHAT: We have Building Consent to demolish the rear of her house, lift it onto rails, slide it to the back of her section, sheet pile, then dig out the worst part of 2 metres of silt and peat, add cement stabilised gravel and a new earthquake resilient foundation, before putting the house back and starting the superstructure repairs to make the 1913 transitional villa a SupeReno superhome.

We will take the weatherboards off, add ply as a rigid air barrier, fully tape up the joints to make the home as airtight as possible, replace as many windows as I can negotiate, before adding battens and reusing as much of the existing cladding as we can. Inside we will remove the lath and plaster, insulate, install a vapor barrier, batten and GIB, before putting back the original skirtings and architraves. We will install a balanced mechanical heat recovery ventilation system to ensure that the internal air quality is streets ahead of what was there before.

OUTCOME: The old villa will be given a new lease of life and from a healthy homes' perspective, perform way ahead of the new units across the road. The project will prove that Healthy Renovation is a viable option in the modern low-carbon friendly world.

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This is a house that simply signifies what we are all about.Warm, dry, resilient energy efficient homes should be a basic requirement for every family, not something to marvel at like a zoo exhibit!

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