Damien McGill – Director

It's become my mission to change the way we design and build homes in Aotearoa. This is why I'm on the Executive of Superhome Movement, why I led the production of The Healthy Home Design Guide, and why I have created The Healthy Home Cooperation.

I am a designer and engineer with 25+ years of diverse experience around the world. Ultimately though, my passion is residential housing.  

I became an engineer solely to design and build my own house. While, I’ve designed many houses and even started building one, I’m still to complete a home for myself. In saying that, I have completed plenty of healthy renovation projects and am embarking on my own SuperReno this year. See, I believe that you need to walk the talk, do what you say and put your money where your mouth is. There are too many people in this world pushing a barrow for their own gain, one they don’t really believe in or are not willing to fully commit to.  

I am also a keen photographer, grow & plant native seedlings for riparian regeneration and generally love the great outdoors, which I experience via hunting and fishing to fill the larder.

Did I mention that I love food?

Healthy Home Design Guide

"One of the most important things I've done in my life is to lead the HEALTHY HOME DESIGN GUIDE project."


It's What I do... It's What I Like...

Ph: 027 348 1110