Heartbeat | 1982

David, I suggest either sone words from yourself about this release and/or a brief video.

Also, maybe show the Heartbeat video here, although dated it's really interesting for its time...


Zephyr’s come back album HEARTBEAT was conceived, financed, produced and promoted by Marc Lippitt and Charles Sleichter’s independent Denver based label Red Sneakers Music. The video, which won a Silver Medal at the New York Film and Television and Billboards Video Music awards was one of the earliest examples of computer animation blue screened with live action and the first to be aired on VH1. The videos were created, storyboarded and directed by Charles Sleichter in collaboration with Zephyr. Animation was designed by Charles Sleichter and produced at and in collaboration with Emmy award winning Computer Image and Shot and Edited at Telemation both in Denver...
Charles Sleichter and Marc Lippitt

1. Don't Come Back
2. That's Right (Baby)
3. Mad Dog
4. Dreamin'
5. Love Comes Running
6. Half Heaven–Half Heartbreak

1. We Got the Love
2. I Know a Place
3. Heartbeat
4. Secrets

Candy Givens – lead vocals, harmonica synthesizer. David Givens – bass, guitar, synthesiser & backing vocals. Eddy Turner – Guitar, backing vocals. Gordon Ray Pryor Jnr - drums & percussion. Bill Lachman – percussion. Rob Zuckerman – Sax. Steve West – brass. Bard Hoff – guitar. Todd Scott – synthesiser

David Givens, Candy Givens, Eddy Turner & C G Sleichter – Production