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A young Robbie Chamberlin & Tommy Bolin. Circa 1st Album 1969.
Photo taken by David Givins in New York at the Hotel Earle. “It was one of four that included John and Candice with a face left for me. John (Faris) lost the other lints and the guy who owned the camera lost the negatives. Too bad – in a different universe, that was our album cover.”

Enjoy the RIDE

Zephyr ‘Sunset Ride’ era. Band: Candy Givens, David Givens, Jock Bartley, Michael Wooten, Daniel Smyth & John Alphonse. Circa 1971/72

‘in the slot’

4-Nik-Kators Eddie Turner & David Givens warming up, guessing 19?????????????????????????????

Go 4-Nik-Kate!

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When a bassist, recruits a bassist for the band, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, something is rather good regarding that bottom line...


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Tommy, Candy & Bobby

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Circa ‘Day Of Joy’ gig (Houston Texas, July 19, 1970)

Images from the Denver Pop Festival, June 27–29, 1969, Mile High Stadium.


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Good Times

CU Student Union 1969. — with Tommy Bolin, Candy Givens, Robbie Chamberlin and David Givens. (David Givens) “This represents a really good time in the Zephyr story. We had already been to San Francisco, L.A., and lived in New York for a while, but hadn't yet played the Denver Pop Festival nor made our first album. We were truly happy and full of positive energy”.


Images from ‘Day Of Joy’,Houston Texas, July 19, 1970


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The Givens

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Just Hangin'

This was at The Tropicana motel in Hollywood. We were getting ready to go play at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.